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Re: Sarge on IBM Thinkcentre A50 - instability

George Karaolides wrote:

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 08:24 -0600, Kent West wrote:

I'd leave the machine in console mode (no X) for that period of time, to see if the machine gets sluggish. If not, you know it's somehow related to running X.

I have left it on console mode, and the problem reappeared.  It
therefore seems to be unrelated to X.

The machine became very sluggish.  The clock lost time.  Repeated
backspace (key held down) wouldn't work on the keyboard.  Issuing the
"reboot" command evetually succeeded in rebooting the machine, but it
took fifteen minutes or so.

I'd try single-user mode.

If the problem doesn't go away, I'd try a Debian-based LiveCD, like Knoppix. I'd try a non-Debian-based LiveCD. I'd try a different kernel.

If the problem does go away in single-user mode, I'd run the init scripts one at a time (or maybe half at a time) until the problem reappears.

Kent West

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