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Re: Sarge on IBM Thinkcentre A50 - instability

George Karaolides wrote:


I am having problems running Debian Sarge on IBM ThinkCentre A50 PC's.
I have made an installation of the Desktop Environment from tasksel
using Debian Installer RC2.  At some point the machine starts to behave
in an errratic manner: the system clock jumps forward and back, and the
machine responds in a sluggish and erratic manner.  It is sometimes
possible to run "top" under these conditions, and it is then seen that
there appears to be no process consuming undue amounts of CPU or memory.
The machine becomes unuseable and will usually not even reboot; only a
hard reset or power cycle will bring it back, but after a while the
problem reappears.
How long a while? Minutes? Hours? Days?

I'd leave the machine in console mode (no X) for that period of time, to see if the machine gets sluggish. If not, you know it's somehow related to running X.

Then I'd try a different window manager/environment.



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