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Re: names good for marketing

William Ballard wrote:
I'm not saying "people are incapable of treating each other nicely."
I'm just saying is that some areas of the country, people get more opportunities to succeed or fail than others.

    Yeah?  And?  This is news?

Of course you're not taking it the way I'm taking it. I'm thining "Y'know, having Debian experience with Perl and Python on my resume in Las Vegas really doesn't have the jobs rolling in. I mean, most people here want their geeks to know embedded systems and C since most of the tech jobs here are from the gaming sector. Therefore my opportunities to succeed here are less than others." Not that I'd move. Spent 10 years in California and jumped at this chance to get out. Ain't going back even though I might have a better chance at work there.

IE, it happens all over the place for a multitude of reasons. Picking one out of the mix and ignoring all others is a disservice to all.

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