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Re: names good for marketing

William Ballard wrote:
Plus we had forced bussing, which engineered a 50% white/black
distribution in every school.  My idea of diversity is to see
as many black people as I see white.

Then here's a suggestion; tell 'em to stop killing each other and pump a few more out if that's your goal. Because until the populations are balanced to see that would be a skewed perspective.

Trust me, you live in lilly white paradise.  You are not
challenged.  It's easy to be "tolerant" when almost everybody
is the same.

No, it's easy to be tolerant when you drop the attitude and don't give a flying crap what color a person's skin is and deal with the PERSON instead of the GROUP.

But then, I'm a white male and wouldn't know how to treat other people fairly. It's genetic according to the likes of you.

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