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different gecko-based browsers?

I found these gecko-based browsers in the repository.


Any others that I missed?

I wonder if there's a browser with different/alternative UI. All of the above are basically "more of the same". The UIs are similar to the traditional Mozilla suite and they both share many of the annoyances and the lack of features, e.g.

- when middle-clicking on a non-link area it pops an error "Invalid URL" (I misclick often, so that's very annoying)

- No optical zooming (is it possible with gecko?)

- Roughly the same keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-PgUp, Ctrl-PgDn; A browser with a keyboard shortcut set more like Opera would be nice, using 1 and 2 to cycle tabs :-)

- No friendly features for low-bandwidth connections like turning off images with a single keystroke. Cannot save images that are still loading. And Firefox/Galeon/Epiphany doesn't even have the "Never" cache checking option (I know there's probably a config in prefs.js but...).


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