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Re: different gecko-based browsers?

On Mon 3 January 2005 01:59, David Garamond wrote:
> I found these gecko-based browsers in the repository.
>   mozilla-browser
>   mozilla-firefox
>   kazehakase
>   galeon
>   epiphany
> Any others that I missed?
> I wonder if there's a browser with different/alternative UI. All of
> the above are basically "more of the same". The UIs are similar to
> the traditional Mozilla suite and they both share many of the
> annoyances and the lack of features, e.g.
> - when middle-clicking on a non-link area it pops an error "Invalid
> URL" (I misclick often, so that's very annoying)

Good grief, that's one of the best features of *nix-based browsers that 
doesn't really exist elsewere - highlight a url-like block of text, say 
www.debian.org and then middle-click in the rendering area but not on a 
link or text area and the browser will take you there. In some cases, 
doing the same thing in the tab bar will open it in a new tab 
(Konqueror does this).

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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