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how to set up 2 hard drives to cable select

Hi, I am running debian sarge.

I use a hard drive for back up, and I have to remove the   hard drive 
intermittently. Each time I pull out one of the the hard drives from the 
machine to store as a backup,
it seems that I must always set the jumpers on both! drives each time.

with 2 drives in machine - 
[one drive with "jumper set as master" and one drive with "jumper  as slave" ]
with 1 drive in machine -
[one drive with  jumper set as "master with no slave present"]

I  cant seem to get "cable select" to work ie: if one drive as master - set it 
to cable select adn it works on the   end of the cable, while if 2 drives are 
present, teh second drive on the ribbon closer to the mother board should be 
the slave and the further the master.

How can i set it up so i dont have to push the jumpers each time?

it has an asus a7n8x-x mother board with award bios.

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