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Re: how to set up 2 hard drives to cable select

On Sun, 2 Jan 2005, Mitchell Laks wrote:

> Hi, I am running debian sarge.
> I use a hard drive for back up, and I have to remove the   hard drive 
> intermittently. Each time I pull out one of the the hard drives from the 
> machine to store as a backup,
> it seems that I must always set the jumpers on both! drives each time.

set the jumpers on the disk to be "cable select"
	- do NOT tell the disk that it is master or slave
make sure your ide cable has a hole in it so it can tell the system
that the disk is on the end or middle of the cable

> with 2 drives in machine - 
> [one drive with "jumper set as master" and one drive with "jumper  as slave" ]

that the drive jumpers has preference over which ide connector is used

> with 1 drive in machine -
> [one drive with  jumper set as "master with no slave present"]

that depend on which disk ... but most will be just as happy as just
slave ... while wd wants to be told explicity that its "master and no
slave "
> I  cant seem to get "cable select" to work ie: if one drive as master - set it 
> to cable select adn it works on the   end of the cable, while if 2 drives are 
> present, teh second drive on the ribbon closer to the mother board should be 
> the slave and the further the master.

that is correct ...
	connector on the end of the cable is always master
	connector in the middle is slave

if you jumper the disk drives differently... it supposed ot use
what the drives tell the motherboard ... but not always

> How can i set it up so i dont have to push the jumpers each time?

it depends on the mb bios ... award, phoenix, etc... and the cables
with and without the hole

c ya

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