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Re: newbie installation question


Brian M. Godfrey (<brian@wildbirdshop.com>) wrote:

>> This included hotplug (if you use kernel 2.6)
>> and discover. discover is also part of Woody (the stable version),
>> but not part of the base system. You can however install it later.
> So I could install the stable version (Woody) minimally, just to get 
> it to boot up, then install discover...sounds easy enough.  Then do I 
> have to reboot to get the system properly setup, or does it do so
> while Linux is running?

You do not need to reboot to run discover and load the drivers, but
probably you want to install another kernel instead of the one you used
for installation. To use it, you need to reboot.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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