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Re: newbie installation question


Brian M. Godfrey (<brian@wildbirdshop.com>) wrote:

> I am considering installation of Debian Linux on an older PC - a
> Compaq 4850. I want to refamiliarize myself with Unix, after being a 
> Windows user since early 1993. I was a user of various versions of 
> Unix for about 12 years prior to then, but I am so rusty and out of 
> date that I am essentially a newbie at this point.   
> Anyway, my question is, do I need to know make/model of all of the
> various pieces of hardware inside the PC in order to install Debian? 
> Or will it "autodetect" everything?

Depends on your hardware. PCI and ISA pnp hardware can be autodetected.
If you install Sarge (the current "testing" version) programs for
automatic detection of hardware will be used during installation and be
part of the base system. This included hotplug (if you use kernel 2.6)
and discover. discover is also part of Woody (the stable version), but
not part of the base system. You can however install it later.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com>
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