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Re: OT: How to add tab-closing X in Firefox, like Galeon?

J.A. de Vries wrote:
On 2004-12-31 @ 10:16:43 (week 53) Kent West wrote:

Galeon has an X on each tab; clicking on the X closes that tab. I really like this feature, but can't seem to figure out how to add it to Firefox. I had it added a few (pre-0.9) versions ago via an extension, but that extension no longer seems to be available.

Does anyone know how to add the closing X to Firefox's tabs?

Install one of the extensions made especially for this. TabX and CTC
are examples of extensions you might choose from.

Grx hdV

So I went to the extension room:
and installed tabx on mozilla 1.8a5 (latest one) as root.

That works great on the mozilla of the root user, but... it messes up the mozilla of all the normal users!

Closing a tab normally is right click and selecting "close tab".

So I could not find any good instructions on how to *remove* an extension.

Restoring mozilla with my backup copy did the trick.

Better no tabx extension with mozilla 1.8a5!


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