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Re: Installation

Thanks Kent, I am using vim, it has been installed. Now, there are two other problems:

1. The displayed characters flicks on konsole of X11 screen. My monitor is a VE710B LCD and my video card is S3 Trio 3D/2X. I could not found the driver for the Trio 3D/2X video card during installation, so I selected S3virge driver. I am not sure that caused the problem or not, how can I resolve this problem? Where can I get S3 Trio 3D/2X driver?

2. The CDROM and Floppy are not defined in mtab, I suspect that the debian did not detect the hardware during the installation. I can edit mtab to add floppy and cdrom, but I don't know which device in /dev/ linked to floppy and cdrom. Could you help please.

Thank you.



Kent West wrote:
YH wrote:


It is my first time to install Debian as I've got a gift of 8 CDs for 3.0 r2. Then, I failed to install the first CD as it cannot read a NANO package. It seems that the CD is damaged and there is no debian vendor near me. My PC only connected by 56 k modem. Is it possible to continue the installation and to download the damaged package from the web and install it late?

nano is a text editor; if you can get past the error during the installation, then yes, you can later get the package from the network (or just not install it, if you'd prefer to use another editor, such as vim or joe, etc).

You could also try downloading the correct .deb for the version of nano it's looking for, and place the .deb file in "/var/cache/apt/archives", and the system would probably find it there, although I'm not sure if the installation will look there by default, so I might be wrong.

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