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Re: Thunderbird 1.0

Steve Lamb wrote:
Sam Halliday wrote:
but upon sending any mails, there is no signature made and it doesn't even ask for my passphrase! if i go into the Security menu when Composing a message and ask to encrypt or sign the message, it gives me some speil about Personal Certificates. so i do not think it has been configured for GPG.
Nope, those are for S/MIME. Did you install both Enigmail and Enigmime?

i only installed:
  mozilla-thunderbird/testing 0.9-6
  mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail/testing 2:0.89.0-1
enigmime is merged into the enigmail package now.

i don't care for any of this Personal Certificate stuff... i just want to use it with GPG. and in fact, Thunderbird is *ignoring* all the PGP/Mime attachments for all the emails i have looked at which i *know* have signatures (over IMAP). it is also saying that ASCII signed emails have no "Digital Signature".

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