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Re: Thunderbird 1.0

Ralph Katz wrote:
Steve Lamb wrote:
Sam Halliday wrote:
by the way, i installed the enigmail plugin, but i am having real
hassles trying to get it to work with GPG signing/encryption. has
anyone got a HOWTO or some advice on how to set this up?
Make sure to turn on hushmail support.  It passes the email address
devoid of < and > to gpg.  Without that turned on gpg often fails.

turning this on makes no difference

Just Works for me. I didn't need to turn on hushmail support. Sam, if you installed with apt-get or aptitude, it's like any other automatic install.

i don't mean system-wide install, it seems to be well encorporated. i mean setting it up as an end user. i have asked in the accounts options for my mail account (under OpenPGP) to use my GPG by ID number (i was given a box to choose). i have also selected to always sign messages, encrypted or not.

but upon sending any mails, there is no signature made and it doesn't even ask for my passphrase! if i go into the Security menu when Composing a message and ask to encrypt or sign the message, it gives me some speil about Personal Certificates. so i do not think it has been configured for GPG.

btw GnuPG is set up and workign fine on my system. i have used it on the command line, in emacs and in sylpheed-claws many times in the past.

You'll need to provide more details on your troubles to get meaningful help. Error messages, enigmail log entries?

i am afraid i cannot see any output anywhere. if i go into OpenPGP->Advanced->Debugging and test my own email address (which my key is registered with) it asks for my passphrase. when i enter it, all i get is a window with a single word "error" and no further info. i told it to use /tmp as the log folder, but no files were written.

i am at a loss to what is wrong.

Have you checked the docs?

yes, as far as they say... it should "just work". although i am confused what all this Personal Certificate business is about... its a sure sign that enigmail out of the box is configured for something other than GPG encryption.

i think i will install gpg-agent and see if that makes a difference. although the very fact that the configuration was able to let me choose my key is a sign that it *is* getting through to my GPG setup somehow.

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