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Work Around. apt/sources.list problem

For the benefit of anyone following me...

I was trying to install Bricolage.  The suggested /etc/apt/sources.list clauses

# bricolage
deb http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian unstable  ./
deb-src http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian unstable  ./

did not work.   However I have found that 

# bricolage
deb http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/unstable  /
deb-src http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/unstable  /

was more sucessful.



Dave Whiteley
Phone +44 (0)113 343 2059
School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
The University of Leeds. Leeds, LS2 9JT,  UK

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