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Bricolage Packages Problem


I am trying to install the Bricolage web content management systems on
one of our Debian Boxes.  I have seen a posting on a Bricolage mailing
list archives


which says that the clauses to add to the sources.list are:-

# Bricolage
deb http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/unstable ./
deb-src http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/unstable ./

I have also seen the same clauses in an article about installing
Bricolage by David Wheeler on Perl.com.

I have tried this, and I am getting the following error messages from "apt-get update":-

Failed to fetch http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/dists/unstable/.//binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 3128]
Failed to fetch http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/dists/unstable/.//source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 3128]
Reading Package Lists... Done
W: Couldn't stat source package list http://tetsuo.geekhive.net unstable/./ Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/tetsuo.geekhive.net_mark_debian_dists_unstable_.__binary-i386_Packages) - stat (2 No such file or directory)
W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems
E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

The same sources.list did sucessfully fetch loads of other "Sources"
"Packages" and "Release" files through our site proxy [IP: 3128].

I have looked in http://tetsuo.geekhive.net/mark/debian/unstable/, and
there seem to be the files there, but the sources.list clause is
making apt look in

I am not too knowledgable about the correct format of the sources.list
file.  Can anyone suggest a clause that would cause apt to try to fetch
from the correct directory.

(I know that I could fetch the files by hand, but I want to show off
how Debian and Apt-get work to some sceptics.)

Thanks for your work,



Dave Whiteley
Phone +44 (0)113 343 2059
School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
The University of Leeds. Leeds, LS2 9JT,  UK

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