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Re: Cannot connect to network now...

Brian Coiley wrote:

modconf also appears to be broken.  When it says "Please select the category
of modules", there is no list of categories.  The only option reads "Exit
Finished.  Return to previous menu."  Which takes me right back out to the
command prompt.  There's also an OK button, and a Cancel button, both of
which also simply quit.  And that's it.

[Discover] said, among other things, "Skipping module sis900.  It's
already loaded."  As noted in an earlier post, the problem appears to be
unrelated to the NIC, and entirely to do with obtaining a DHCP lease.  USB
mouse still doesn't work.

Unfortunately, unless it gets one hell of a sight easier very fast,
tomorrow's operating system is going to remain the preserve of a few very
determined digit heads.  I have 20 years' software development experience
and a degree in mathematics, and if I'm having all this trouble, how the
hell is the average Windows user supposed to manage?

This sounds more and more like the dist-upgrade did not complete properly. You might want to post the contents of your "/etc/apt/sources.list" file for us to peruse (although that might be hard right now without networking, although you could use a USB Flashdrive, or CD, or floppy, or even an image from your digicam).

You might want to re-run "apt-get dist-upgrade" and watch for any errors. Take care of the errors and repeat until you get no more errors.

Kent West wrote:

Until the viruses hit,

Never had one, just need to be sensible.  Good virus checkers are free these

Perhaps I should have said "malware" instead of viruses.

and the license fees,

My lost earning time on this stuff already amounts to more than twice the
cost of a Windoze licence.

Until the BSA comes knocking and you realize you've paid for the license, but didn't adequately track it. Granted, in a single-user environment, that's probably not a big deal, but with 10,000 machines, that can get scary.

and the


Like trying to move "Program Files" onto its own read-only partition in a school lab environment. Or recoding the source to fit your needs rather than what Microsoft deems as your needs. Or completely uninstalling Internet Explorer. (Yes, there are work-arounds, but I find Linux to be much easier to tailor to my way of doing things than is Windows.)

I'm not trying to say Debian is a better OS than is Windows, just that it is for me.


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