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Re: Will Debian grow and stay?

apparently you have no problem with topic drift....

Why do you speak of Free Software as if it is ADD?
Human beings are multi-faceted.
Free Software benefits from intellectual people who have many interests.
I don't consider a statement that is received 50/50 for/against as a very good zinger either.
You are arguing that politics is irrelevant and relevant at the same time.
We can stand under a free software big tent even if we disagree about global politics.
can't we?

William Ballard wrote:
On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 11:46:58PM +0000, Richard Lyons wrote:
Yes, OT is interesting, OT is fun.  "All work and no play makes Jack a 
dull boy," they used to say.  That was before SATs and all that.  But 
now I am OOT. Or EMOT.
OT isn't fun when it's controversial and about politics.
OT is okay when it's a joke or something, or something relatively
neutral.  OT Bin Ladin is just bad form, and the guy knew what he
was doing, he was trying to throw in a little zinger in there in a bunch
of on-topic stuff.

Let's take this back on topic by discussing whether or not Free Software 
gets distracted by trivia like politics and this limits its 
effectiveness at displacing Microsoft from its position of power.

I think Free Software gets distracted by trivia like politics when it 
should be focusing strictly on software and marketing a "big tent" 
message about itself.


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