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Re: Can't burn CDs since kernel 2.6.7 - am I the only one?

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 12:43, Alan Chandler wrote:
> Robert Parker writes:
> > The '#' before the commands that work should tell us something,
> > doesn't it mean that the user is root?
> > The 2.6.8 kernel has a bug (or security feature???) that will not
> > allow setuid root programs to run with root privilege.
> > Just become root and run from there. I suspect that all will be
> > well.
> You suspect wrong.  I was well aware of this "feature" having read
> through all the flamewar on lkml.  All my tests have been conducted
> as root.
> It seems that DMA causes the hang, using ATAPI: stops DMA and then it
> works.

I have seen the same behavior on one of my machines using 2.6.7/8. I 
burn cds rarely, so I don't remember the details - except for the need 
to disable DMA on the device.

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