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Re: Enhancing video

On Sat, 2004-11-06 at 18:57 +0100, Mark Maas wrote:
> Hello All,
> After tinkering with Linux for a few years now I feel i'm getting to 
> a point that I can say: I can use Linux for everything.
> Except for games... I've got good video cards, but I just can't get 
> the quality out of them what they are capable of.
> Radeon 9000 for instance. I'm getting 200.000 with glxgears. And I 
> *know* it can be better that. XF86 is using the standard ati driver.

Get a modestly priced nVidia card, and use the nvidia driver.

> Plus, my screen is only doing 60Hz at 1024x768.

Does the user manual say it do better than that?

> I guess what I'm asking is: Where do I read up on getting my 
> knowledge with 3D video, etc, performance tuning, etc, etc, up to speed?

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