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Re: Can't use kb3 to copy cd's.

On Fri, 05 Nov 2004 17:50:58 -0600, Damon <damon@damtek.com> wrote:
> >>emulation.  I am using a image from debian, so maybe somehow

According to the k3b website[1], the author warns against using any
kernel version greater than 2.6.7:

"A patch that was introduced into the kernel shortly before the 2.6.8
release makes K3b and also the dvd+rw-tools unusable on Linux (unless
run as root but that is not recommended). The very important GET
CONFIGURATION MMC command is rejected by the kernel for reasons I
cannot see and writing commands like MODE SELECT also fail (K3b cannot
detect CD writers without it) even when the device is opened O_RDWR.
Until this issue has been solved I strongly recommend to stick to
kernel version 2.6.7."

The author has released a new version (0.11.15) to fix the problem,
but he still recommends sticking with kernel 2.6.7. Version 0.11.17 is
in unstable.

[1] http://www.k3b.org/

-Stephen Le

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