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Can't use kb3 to copy cd's.

I have two devices: hdc > cd writer, hdd > cd reader. I can play audio cd's from hdd, I can mount cd's with mp3's and play them. I can burn ISO's on hdc or make data cd's with hdc using k3b. I never or almost never copy a cd. When I tried copying a cd from hdd to hdc via k3b, k3b reports the cd is empty medium. Different cd's, different types of data. Correct devices set up in k3b, using generic-mmc for cdrdao driver for the burner and the reader. Problem pursists as root or user. What am I missing? I have R&R'd the reader with a different reader, same problem. If you need more info, please ask, I have tried to provide as much as needed.

Damon L. Chesser

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