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Re: Looking for a few good Sendmail gurus

hi ya

On Thu, 4 Nov 2004, Shane Liebling wrote:

> I am running a couple wooody boxes.  I've got mail.foo.com and host.foo.com.
> Anyone in the outside world can send mail to user@host.foo.com, and it gets
> there directly.  But if someone is on the mailserver (mail.foo.com), or is
> sending through it to user@host.foo.com, it doesn't go through.
> Sometimes there is just a general "local configuration error" (on
> mail.foo.com) while doing the relay=host.foo.com piece (from the logs)...
> Sometimes it will have the "loops back to me" error.

what is the contents of your /etc/mail/local-host-names
on host.foo.com and mail.foo.com and foo.com

what is the contents of the optional /etc/mail/access and

any machine that receives email should be an "A" record vs a cname
in your dns config files ( esp if it cannot deliver/receive the mail
properly )

you should be using sendmail-8.13.1 ... to avoid silly avoidable problems

c ya

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