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Exim queue runner interval


I installed the exim4 package, and it looks like the default configuration has 
a queue runner going every 30 minutes.  I'd like to change this to a shorter 
interval.  The exim daemon is started by /etc/init.d/exim4, the line is:

      start-stop-daemon --start --pidfile /var/run/exim4/exim.pid \
        --exec $DAEMON -- -bd -q${QFLAGS}${QUEUEINTERVAL} \

I changed:




However, ps reports that the deamon is still running with these options:

/usr/sbin/exim4 -bd -q30m

Does anyone know what needs to be changed to get the exim deamon to run with 
the shorter queue interval?  (Yes, I did restart the daemon after the 
changes, in fact I rebooted the machine) ;-)


Udo Hoerhold

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