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Looking for a few good Sendmail gurus

Hey all,

I am running a couple wooody boxes.  I've got mail.foo.com and host.foo.com.
Anyone in the outside world can send mail to user@host.foo.com, and it gets
there directly.  But if someone is on the mailserver (mail.foo.com), or is
sending through it to user@host.foo.com, it doesn't go through.

Sometimes there is just a general "local configuration error" (on
mail.foo.com) while doing the relay=host.foo.com piece (from the logs)...
Sometimes it will have the "loops back to me" error.

I am a bit confused.  Most of the help out there refers to when you _want_
mail.foo.com to recieve mail for and act as host.foo.com, but this isn't the
case here.

There is a valid dns entry for host.foo.com, and it is its own MX. (Thouhg
there is not a valid PTR record)

Mail.foo.com is also a caching nameserver, and the actual machine for
host.foo.com is behind a firewall, but it is getting port 25 pushed through
just fine (as I said mail from places like gmail gets to user@host.foo.com
just fine).

host.foo.com does not show up anywhere in any of the sendmail configuration
files, but mail.foo.com is set up to relay for ".foo.com"  But I don't think
that is the issue.

If I "listen" (read: tcpdump) on the mailserver I can tell it is asking for
host.foo.com's MX, and it looks like it is finding it correctly

I have tried sending the mail through sendmail -d and haven't seen anything
odd (at least not in comparison to sending mail to a known working address).

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Shane Liebling                      Systems Administrator and SAGE Member
shane@cryptio.net                          http://www.cryptio.net/~shane/

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