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Re: fetchmail stopped working (woody).

Incoming from Joost Witteveen:
> s. keeling wrote:
> >fetchmail: timeout after 300 seconds waiting for listener to respond.
> >fetchmail: client/server synchronization error while delivering to SMTP 
> >host mail.spots.ab.ca
> Seems you try to deliver to your (local) SMTP server.
> I've had problems with that too (SMTP server refusing to accept the
> email for example for SPAM protection reasons)
> To solve that, I'm using in .fetchmailrc (delivers to procmail):
> poll pop3.sever.tld protocol pop3 username joostje password PASSWD
>   mda "/usr/bin/procmail  -d  %T"

That worked, thanks!  Much appreciated.  :-)  Now I suppose I just have
to figure out why my exim is refusing to accept mail from my ISP's
mailhost.  I'm pretty sure I didn't touch exim's config.

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