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Re: fetchmail stopped working (woody).

s. keeling wrote:
fetchmail: timeout after 300 seconds waiting for listener to respond.
fetchmail: client/server synchronization error while delivering to SMTP host mail.spots.ab.ca
fetchmail: 5.9.11 querying mail.spots.ab.ca (protocol POP3) at Wed 03 Nov 2004 03:26:56 PM MST: poll completed

poll mail.spots.ab.ca with proto POP3
       user 'keeling' there with password 'MY_PASSWORD' is 'keeling' here options fetchall

Seems you try to deliver to your (local) SMTP server.
I've had problems with that too (SMTP server refusing to accept the
email for example for SPAM protection reasons)

To solve that, I'm using in .fetchmailrc (delivers to procmail):

poll pop3.sever.tld protocol pop3 username joostje password PASSWD
  mda "/usr/bin/procmail  -d  %T"


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