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Re: fetchmail stopped working (woody).

s. keeling(keeling@spots.ab.ca) is reported to have said:
> This is driving me nuts.  Everything else works fine.  All of a
> sudden, I can't pop mail, and I have no idea why:

Had this happen a few times in the past 2-3 months.  Seems that the
first mail at the pop server was screwing up fetchmail.  Fixed it by
using mutt to go to the pop server directly.  Removed the Spam that
was causing fetchmail to fail and all was well.

Following in my .muttrc to get mutt working as above.

set pop_host=capital.net
set pop_user=user-name
set pop_pass=passwd
set pop_checkinterval=500

macro browser <f8> "c pop://pop.capital.net<enter>"
macro index   <f8> "c pop://pop.capital.net<enter>"
macro pager   <f8> "c pop://pop.capital.net<enter>"

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)

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not worth knowing.

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