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ppp dynamic dns need /etc/resolv.conf to work, a bug?

I use a dialup modem to connect to Internet.
I use pppconfig to configured my provider connection.
In advanced setting, nameservers, I have chosen dynamic.
But I need to use /etc/resolv.conf with a nameserver line to be
able to use Internet.
I had forgotten this for a long time, but a recent update (I had this
problem even with stable, but now I use testing, with a bit of
unstable for mono), have made my /etc/resolv.conf become an
empty file, and I had to refill it with nameserver lines.

I guess I was expecting this to be an obvious bug, that most people would know
and that would be fixed fastly. But now, I wonder. I have just check in the
bugs for ppp package, and this don't seem to be there.

I would expect /etc/resolv.conf to have no effect at all, since I can see in the
logs that my ISP does indeed return DNS information (that's where I took
it to fill my /etc/resolv.conf file), and my provider setting is indeed on dynamic.

What should I do with this? If I should fill a bug report, what is the best
package to fill it on?


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