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Re: ppp dynamic dns need /etc/resolv.conf to work, a bug?

Paul Dufresne writes:
> In advanced setting, nameservers, I have chosen dynamic.

Your ISP supports this?  Not all do.

> I had forgotten this for a long time, but a recent update (I had this
> problem even with stable, but now I use testing, with a bit of unstable
> for mono), have made my /etc/resolv.conf become an empty file, and I had
> to refill it with nameserver lines.

The scripts installed by pppconfig and enabled when you select "dynamic"
save resolv.conf when ppp comes up and install a new resolv.conf containing
the namservers supplied by your ISP.  When ppp goes down the scripts put
the old resolv.conf back.

What does resolv.conf contain when ppp is up?  What does it contain when
ppp is down?  Do you having anything else that messes with resolv.conf
installed such a a dhcp client or a VPN client?

In practice ISPs rarely change their nameservers.  The reason they use
the "dynamic" scheme is to make configuration easier for users by
eliminating the need to enter nameserver IP numbers.
John Hasler

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