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Re: ppp dynamic dns need /etc/resolv.conf to work, a bug?

Paul Dufresne(dufrp@hotmail.com) is reported to have said:
> I use a dialup modem to connect to Internet.
> I use pppconfig to configured my provider connection.
> In advanced setting, nameservers, I have chosen dynamic.
> But I need to use /etc/resolv.conf with a nameserver line to be
> able to use Internet.
> I had forgotten this for a long time, but a recent update (I had this
> problem even with stable, but now I use testing, with a bit of
> unstable for mono), have made my /etc/resolv.conf become an
> empty file, and I had to refill it with nameserver lines.
> I guess I was expecting this to be an obvious bug, that most people would 
> know
> and that would be fixed fastly. But now, I wonder. I have just check in the
> bugs for ppp package, and this don't seem to be there.
> I would expect /etc/resolv.conf to have no effect at all, since I can see 
> in the
> logs that my ISP does indeed return DNS information (that's where I took
> it to fill my /etc/resolv.conf file), and my provider setting is indeed on 
> dynamic.
> What should I do with this? If I should fill a bug report, what is the best
> package to fill it on?

Don't know if you have installed the resolvconf package or not but
that package does take care of, what I tink I understand, you problem

Description: Nameserver information manager
 Resolvconf is a framework for keeping track of the system's
 information about currently available nameservers. It sets
 itself up as the intermediary between programs that supply
 nameserver information and programs that use nameserver
 information. Examples of programs that supply nameserver
 information are: ifupdown, DHCP clients, the PPP daemon and
 local nameservers. Examples of programs that use this
 information are: DNS caches, resolver libraries and the
 programs that use them.
 This package may require some manual configuration.  Please
 read the README file for detailed instructions.

NOTE: Conflicts: pppconfig (<< 2.3.1)

HTH=Hope This Helps, YMMV=Your Mileage May Vary, HAND=Have A Nice Day


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