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Re: different networks, same computer (map mapping ?)

--- John Schmidt <jaschmidt@uofu.net> wrote:

> Specifically, choose the interfaces file so that
> eth0 is configured at
> dhcp . . .  Do you alter the above interfaces file
> when you are at home using
> dhcp?

Yes, 'etho0 is configures at dhcp client' means I am able to boot with a different interfaces file which just configures eth0 to look for dhcp server.

> How long have you waited while the MTA:Exim
> hangs?  Before I had

It is not Exim that hangs, but the boot process hangs just after this step. I guess it is at the step where "uessnet starting network interface plugin" or something like this.

> Not sure why your setup is not working, but I would
> try and do these steps:
> 1.  Test if iplugd is working correctly, i.e. you
> plug your cable in, and your
> network comes up, and if you remove it network is
> unconfigured.
>     a.  Revert back to your original interfaces
> file, and remove guessnet.
>     b.  Reboot the machine with the cable installed.
>     c.  Remove cable and look at /var/log/syslog and
> see if you see activity.
> I use tail -f /var/log/syslog to do this.  If you
> get something like:
> Nov  2 12:09:10 puppy ifplugd(eth0)[3460]: Link beat
> lost.
> Nov  2 12:09:10 puppy kernel: eth0: link down
> And also look at your routing table, i.e. sudo
> route.
> You shouldn't have anything there.  Then, plug your
> cable back in and you
> should see:
> Nov  2 12:12:04 puppy kernel: eth0: link up,
> 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0xC1E1
> Nov  2 12:12:04 puppy ifplugd(eth0)[3460]: Link beat
> detected.
> Nov  2 12:12:05 puppy ifplugd(eth0)[3460]: Executing
> '/etc/ifplugd/ifplugd.action eth0 up'.
> And your routing table should have been set back up.

I did as you suggested. I unisntalled guessnet and tested ifplugd, it was working properly. The computer booted even without a cable plugged in. But, the dhcp request was being sent by eth0 *before* ifplugd was doing it's job so without the cable this meant a wait of around a minute or so while eth0 waited and failed to get a dhcp offer.

However, I did notice that after installing arping, I didn't receive any packats from my LAN dhcp server:
$>arping -i eth0

I could get back packats only if I make the request with -p, making eth0 as promiscuous device.

Next step, after satisfying myself that ifplugd was working as expect, I re-installed guessnet, and just had one network situation 'home' where eth0 was supposed to be configured as dhcp client. The boot process still hangs at the same place. I am suspecting: 1) either I need to somehow tell guessnet to make eth0 promiscuous while sending out arping requests
2) guessnet has bugs(?)

Also, in the interfaces file, am I supposed to use "test-peer" or "test peer"? Man page of guessnet suggests the latter. I tried both with same results. Here is what I had in my interfaces file:
# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

mapping eth0
        script /usr/sbin/guessnet-ifupdown
        map default: none
        map timeout: 3
        map verbose: true

#home network
iface home inet dhcp
        test peer address source
everything else was commented out.


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