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Re: How to uninstall?

On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 15:23:50 +0100, Vegard Lundby Rekaa wrote:
> I installed a program using a .tar.gz file. Can I remove this program and
> how?

One option is to do the following, but I give no guarantees:

./configure [--whatever-options-you-used-before]
touch /tmp/now
make install
find /usr/local/ -cnewer /tmp/now

Check the output of this, if it all looks like stuff that belongs to the
package you installed, then do this

find /usr/local/ -cnewer /tmp/now -exec rm -f -- '{}' ';'
find /usr/local/ -cnewer /tmp/now -exec rmdir '{}' ';'

Remember to replace /usr/local with the actual directory you installed to


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