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Re: cdrecord & cdwriter

P.S. I use the kernel 2.6.8-1-386 version 2.6.8-4

There is some issue with the kernel and cdwriting. The only infromation I have about this is from k3b.org (in the news section):

    "Do not use Kernel 2.6.8

    A patch that was introduced into the kernel shortly before the 2.6.8
    release makes K3b and also the dvd+rw-tools unusable on Linux (unless
    run as root but that is not recommended). The very important GET
    CONFIGURATION MMC command is rejected by the kernel for reasons I
    cannot see and writing commands like MODE SELECT also fail (K3b cannot
    detect CD writers without it) even when the device is opened O_RDWR.
    Until this issue has been solved I strongly recommend to stick to
    kernel version 2.6.7.

    Update: The kernel guys are currently fixing the problem so the next
    kernel release should work again. :)

    Update 2: The problem is NOT fixed in

    Update 3: Be aware that kernel 2.6.8 also contains the memory leak
    which makes it impossible to write audio cds, even as root."

I myself had no problem using k3b with 2.6.9 and 2.6.7 kernels (and k3b uses cdrecord to burn CDs).

- Martin

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