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Re: nv vs. nvidia

#include <hallo.h>
* Jon Dowland [Thu, Oct 28 2004, 12:33:47PM]:

> > In case you don't need to run 3d programs, using nv will be fine for you
> ...provided you have a reasonably modern computer or a small
> resolution display. On my AMD K6-2 450mhz, the nv driver is unbearably
> slow at 1280x1024.

I don't think the CPU is your problem. Do you have a TNT-2 or older
Nvidia chip? The XVideo support for them is not complete, which means
taht watching videos becomes _very_ CPU intensive. Although, the nvidia
drivers does support XVideo at TNT-2. With modern Nvidia cards, I did
not notice any big difference except of GLX support. And the NV driver
is less buggy WRT power saving system modes.

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