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Re: LILO problem

> I partitioned my hard drive in such a way that i can
> install 2 OS. The partition goes like this:
> /dev/hda1 - Linux (ext3)- Bootable
> /dev/hda5 - Linux Swap
> /dev/hda3 - Linux (reiserfs)
> /dev/hda1 has Knoppix3.3 (LiveOIO) and /dev/hda3 has
> Knoppix 3.6. I configured /dev/hda3's lilo.conf by
> putting /dev/hda1 in the "other" line. Upon restarting
> lilo, an "Invalid boot signature in /dev/hda1" error
> was displayed. Typing lilo -P -fix does not solve the
> problem either. 
> What went wrong? Thanks!

Post the version of lilo.conf that you last used to generate
the MBR. I.e. the /etc/lilo.conf from which ever OS
you last ran 'lilo' from.


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