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Re: upgrade to sarge has sendmail rejecting mail

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 14:14, Richard A Nelson wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Oct 2004, Wayne Sitton wrote:
> > Yesterday I upgraded to sarge on my email server.  Now suddenly and
> > email sent to it gets sent back with
> >
> > ... while talking to zlabinc.com.:
> > >>> RCPT To:<chapel@zlabinc.com>
> > <<< 503 This mail server requires authentication. Please check your mail
> > client settings.
> The above is *not* a message in the sendmail distribution
> > Now my client settings have not changed, only the sendmail
> > server(upgrade).
> Are you sure it was sendmail ?
> > And the funny thing is, this only happens to one domain, while there are
> > 4 others that are having no problem, plus I don't even send out through
> > that server I send out through roadrunner, and none of my other email
> > accounts have that problem
> There isn't enough information above to do any diagnosis, but it may
> not matter in the slightest if you send mail FROM the server - if it
> wants inbound mail to be authenticated.
> > And to add to the problem, when I try to check the email from that
> > account, it will not accept the password yet I can ftp and ssh into the
> > box with this password.
> SASL was also upgraded - and it *COULD* cause this in that it changed
> the way that the realms are handled for authentication... I think
> there is a note regarding the changes in a README in the sasl doc dir.

Yes It definately was sendmail, no doubt about it, and double checked it
to be sure.  Actually it seems the login problem was a simple matter. 
Somhow on upgrade the smtp got disabled, after enableing it, I had no
problem. checking email, and it seems so far that the email server is
accepting some emails.  I sent from another account and recieved it
fine, yet I also sent some from my yahoo account, but have not recieved
those as of yet.  but I will keep working on it.


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