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Re: strange disk corruption

>>>>> "Andrea" == Andrea Vettorello <andrea.vettorello@gmail.com> writes:

  Andrea> On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:43:36 -0700, briand@aracnet.com
  Andrea> <briand@aracnet.com> wrote:
  >>  well that was silly.  the fs is just ext2 2.6.8 kernel
  >> I haven't tried smartmontools.  I will :-)

  Andrea> I've read at least two different claims of fs corruption
  Andrea> with kernel 2.6.8-1 and reiserfs (i'm running both =), but
  Andrea> is not your case. Is more probable that's a HW problem,
  Andrea> sometimes could be a bad or too long ide cable, or your HD
  Andrea> is dying...

It's a new HD.

I have 1 IDE cable with nothing but 1 HD and 1 CDROM on it.  I keep
things simple to avoid exactly such problems.

However at this point I have to agree that it is some sort of hardware

Very odd that it does not ever seem to be a problem except on the
first power-up.

Next time I will let it get to the lilo prompt and reset it from there
and see what that does.  Maybe there is some sort of odd race
condition occurring and on the first fsck run the disk isn't doing the
right thing.


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