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Re: strange disk corruption

On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 07:57:05 -0700, briand@aracnet.com
<briand@aracnet.com> wrote:
> Whether or not this is related to debian is not clear, but it's possible.
> I've currently set fsck to run pretty much on every other boot.
> And just about every time it runs , it informs me that it fixed file
> system errors and reboots the system.
> However all other indicators of disk operation are just fine.  I can
> moved 3+ GB files around, there is no funny core dumps or segfaults
> from executables, kernel compiles work fine, etc...
> So this problem has a history.  I had previously been seeing
> corruption in the /dev directory and only the /dev directory.
> Duplicate file names, files which could not be deleted, etc...  The
> only way to fix was to reboot with a rescue disk and wipe the /dev
> directory and start over.  Unfortunately I had to do this several
> times.
> Naturally I wonder if my current problem and the previous are related.
> So here are some of the possibilities:
> 1.  the /dev directory seems to be somewhat dynamic, could there be a
>     debian start-up script which is/was somehow corrupting the /dev
>     directory ?
> 2.  Do I have bad blocks on the disk ?  And how would I check this?
>     Again, I've seen no other evidence whatsoever of flaky disk
>     behavior ?
> 3.  Could this be a bug in fsck ?  Why doesn't fsck actually tell me
>     what the errors are !!  It just says "fixed them - rebooting".
>     isn't this a Bad Thing (TM) ?
> Aaargh !  My linux box is acting like a windows box, it's so depressing !

Filesystem used and kernel version? Have you tried to install the
"smartmontools" package to check your HD?


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