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Re: Trouble with "apt-get dist-upgrade"

On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 the mental interface of
Eric Dickner told:

> Hello,
> I have a Woody 2.2.20-idepci system running on a Dell
> that I am trying to upgrade to 2.4.x (Sarge, or
> testing) with mixed results.
> At first I felt that I should download source and
> recompile the kernels, and I did that, but those
> kernels did not match any Debian patched headers,
> which I need.  Those kernels run OK but I'm not able
> to compile and add the modules that I need/like.
> The advice I got here was to use this procedure:
>   "Change Woody to Sarge in sources.list"
> I assumed this meant change "stable" to "testing"
> which is what I did.
>   "apt-get update"  This when fine.
>   "apt-get dist-upgrade"  This did not connect...
> It immediately went through my dependency tree and
> gave me a list of packages to "apt-get -f install".  I
> thought the power of "apt-get" was that it figured out
> what packages you needed and got them automatically?

The power of apt is to inform the user if the database isn't
consistent. Just type apt-get install -f and after that retype
apt-get dist-upgrade ;-)



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