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Re: Good tool for light photo editing?

Nori Heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu> writes:

> on Wed, 06 Oct 2004 02:31:41PM -0400, stan insinuated:
>> I just got my first set of pictures on CD's (vacation pics), and I
>> wan't to put them up on my web server.
>> What's a good tool to do some really lightweight editeing on them
>> with?  Mostly I just need to rotate the vertical ones, but I _might_
>> do just a little cropping on some few.
> to rotate, i use convert(1):
> convert -rotate $degreesRight $filename $newfilename

Since we're talking about photos let me point out that convert isn't
lossless.  For rotating photos losselessly I suggest jpegtran.  Make sure you
use -copy to avoid losing your EXIF information.

jpegtran -copy all -rotate 270 <filename>

> (this bit me in the ass for a month or so after i initially got my digital
> camera before i figured out what was going on.  unfortunately, it took me
> getting a photo accepted into a contest, and then being told it was too
> lo-res to print, for this to come to light!)

Too late now, but some of the fractal software can help you there.  Though I
don't know of any for linux.


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