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Re: Recomended dual head video card

On Monday 04 October 2004 23:44, Nick Hastings wrote:
> Hi all,
>    for reasons I won't bother going into I'm about turn a server
> machine into a workstation (and perhaps occasional game machine).
> There are two nice 1280x1024 17 inch digital LCD displays available
> (Mitsubishi RTD179S) [1], so I thought I'd go out and get myself a
> nice dual head video card. But which to choose? My budget is fairly
> generous.
> My machines motherboard has and AGP slot so I thought an AGP card
> would be best.
> I've had a bit of a look at the ATI web site and it seems that the
> "FireGL Z1-128" [2] might suit me well.

I have a matrox G450 that I picked off eBay for $35 and it works quite
well and the price was right. It's a older card though, so for gaming 
I wouldn't really recommend it... although the card works "ok", 3D
stuff is a tad on the slow side.  For normal stuff it works great 
though, and 2 monitors are very cool.. which I was running under 
debian unstable with windowmaker.

I'm sure there is something better out there, but I've never had
a problem with Matrox cards under linux.  Hopefully someone
can ring in here about some of the newer cards available.


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