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Re: Recomended dual head video card

On Tuesday October  5 at 02:44pm
Nick Hastings <hastings@bmail.kek.jp> wrote:

> My machines motherboard has and AGP slot so I thought an AGP card
> would be best. 

Another alternative is to run two video cards. I did that for a long
time, with an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 SE (AGP) and a cheap Matrox (PCI),
then replaced the Matrox with an Nvidia TNT2(PCI). Both setups worked
great, there was only a little trouble with the kernel switching to the
PCI card if I set the bios to use AGP, so I just set it to use PCI all
the time.

For the Nvidia cards, I used Nvidia's non-free drivers. They work
awesome. For the Matrox, I just used the in-tree kernel driver. Worked
just fine.

Also, don't try dual-booting this with Win2k. I think I got it working,
but it sure sucked.

But if money is not an obstacle, I would start with looking for used
Matrox cards on Ebay. You should be able to get something pretty decent
for less than retail.
-johann koenig
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