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Re: Mozilla browsers and Flashplayer

Wim De Smet wrote:

On Mon, 04 Oct 2004 13:03:51 -0700, Freddy Freeloader
<fredddy@cableone.net> wrote:
I have a strange problem with Mozilla browsers, both Mozilla and
Firefox, and Flashplayer when I install sarge using the netinst cd.

If I install woody first, and then do a dist-upgrade from there all
sites that use flash work normally, but if I do a fresh install using
the new installer some of the sites, such as MLB's Gameday do not
display correctly.  At first I thought this was something to do with
just the browser and Flashplayer but then realized that this only
happens on fresh installs using the new installer, so it would seem to
me that it has to be related to something being left out or changed in
the system between woody and sarge.

What happens is that in the areas that normally display player stats for
the game display nothing expect for player names and then a total at the
bottom of where each column should be.  This is an accurate total of
hits, BB's, KO's RBI's, etc... to that point in the game there's just no
stats displayed above the totals, and the inning by inning scores are
all blank too along with all pitching stats.  In the box that shows each
pitch location the graphics are off there too.  It shows them, but
displays them differently than when the page works normally.

Has anyone else experienced this?

No, but I do seem to recall that flashplayer requires some fonts to be
installed. Maybe it is these that you are missing? It's documented in
its readme I think. (package gsfonts if I'm not mistaken)


Thanks for the reply....

Those notes about the gsfonts are in the installer not the readme.  :)

I had the gsfonts package installed, just not the gsfonts-x11 package, so I'll see what happens when the baseball playoffs start and I use the MLB Gameday again.

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