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Re: Mozilla browsers and Flashplayer

On 2004-10-05, Freddy Freeloader <fredddy@cableone.net> wrote:

> so I'll see what happens when the baseball playoffs start and I use the 

Grown-up men will loiter around, spit on the grass, and adjust their
bollocks, while giving each other really mean looks. Then occasionally
someone will try and hit a ball, misses and curses. People will applause.
Then they'll loiter, spit, and adjust their bollocks some more because
their balls are apparently very difficult to get just right. Millions of
otherwise reasonably sane people will watch that live on their TV sets for
hours and hours. You will sit at the bar and people will hiss at you when
you try to start a conversation.

Yes, I've been to the US during playoffs :)

Juha Siltala

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