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Re: Woody or Sarge

Adi Linden <adil@adis.on.ca> writes:

> My BIG issue is the short lived support in terms of security updates. Having
> to reinstall a server after 18 month is totally unacceptable.

	I hear you.
	I'm in the middle of moving all of my RedHat servers to Debian (yay!), 
but it's a time consuming process and some boxes have to wait their turn.
	As a stop-gap solution, I managed to stumble across Progeny Transition 


	which rolls security updates in RPM format for RedHat 7.2, 7.3, 
8.0, and 9 and makes them available for a fee.
	At $5 per month per server, it's definitely worth it to me, but perhaps 
there is a similiar group out there doing the work for free?

P.S. I have NO affiliation with Progeny except for being a customer grateful for 
their service.


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