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Re: FAM causing "device or resource busy" errors when trying to smbumount

Hi, I've been having the same problem in Sarge.  In my case it
doesn't involve Samba but when a CD or even floppy is mounted by
nautilus/fam (or whatever is going on when you click a CD device
from the "Computer" icon), occasionally it will not unmount the
filesystem on the device with an error that the device is busy.  Once
I've convinced myself there are no processes running involving the
device and I'm not in any of its mounted directories, I'll try an 'lsof
/dev/cdrom' and will get something like

	famd     1135    me     26r  DIR  2,0    7168 1    /media/cdrom

As Rich said, until I kill famd, I am unable to umount the
FS on the device.

I wasn't aware I could stop and restart fam with a supplied init script
as Rich mentioned although last time the problem occurred I tried stopping
and restarting famd this way but things still were somewhat screwed up
until I completely logged out or rebooted.

Anyone know what it going on with this.  Just a bug?


rich wrote on 28 Jul 2004:
> when I have an smb share mounted on a directory in my home
> directory, it 
> refuses to unmount.
> This is new, it used to work without a problem. Perhaps something
> changed in 
> the later releases of Sarge? (I apt-get dist-upgrade all the time)
> I used lsof and found the process that was holding the mount-point
> directory 
> up, which was 
> /usr/sbin/famd -T 0
> I shut down fam with #/etc/init.d/fam stop and I could then umount
> the share 
> cleanly.
> Can anyone shed any light on this?
> thanks,
> rich
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