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Re: Software RAID 0 and linux

I shall explain my choises. I really want to buy a RAID 0 (striping) controller, because my current harddisk is the bottleneck in my current system. I have a dual XP-M 2800+ with 1Gbit NIC and 1GB memory. I have read enough about RAID 0. I really want it! I know that it is not safe, but I can backup my data.

I choose for a software RAID controller because it is cheap. An hardware controller would cost me six times more, but would be at most 10% faster. That's not worth it. Installing this RAID card is easy under Win XP, because I can just put a disk in my pc with the drivers at setup time and it will work.

I know this will be another story for debian. I've read stories of people who got the Promise drivers working under 2.6.8, but those drivers are not fast. I use 2.6.8 because I have a SMP setup. I want no other drives than the two of my RAID setup in my pc because I hate noise.

I buy a software RAID controller because the price difference between a software RAID SATA controller and a SATA controller is < €10,-

What are the troubles I will run into? I can load things in my BIOS, because I have 2MB BIOS memory (MPX2).

The adress you gave me was wrong, http://www.1U-Raid5.net/HowTO/SW-Raid-HOWTO.txt this one is correct.

Alvin Oga wrote:

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Niels wrote:

I want to buy a Promise Fasttrack TX2 plus RAID 0 controller with two SATA hard disks. The controller is a software controller. I want no other hard disks than these two in my PC. Can I boot of this setup with the 2.6 kernel?


Is it possible to put Windows XP and Debian Linux on the same RAID 0 array?


Is it difficult to install?


-- trick is to install windoze on the 1st partition so it thinks its C:

--- bigger problem ...

- why use 2 disks in raid0 ( aks stripping ) which might allow you to read
 faster but also makes 2 disks look like 1 bigger disk
	- if one disk dies... both disk are useless

- i think you want to use (sw or hw ) raid1 ( mirror )
	- if one disk dies ... all your data is still intact on the other

- gazillion raid howtos urls

c ya

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