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Re: Woody or Sarge

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Adi Linden <adil@adis.on.ca> writes:

> I need to build some servers that are hopefully going to be in service for
> a long time. Most distributions I have been looking at have short support
> cycles, where in the very near future a significant upgrade/rebuild is
> required rather than just security fixes.

If you're satisfied with the existing feature set, are new features
really anywhere near as important as security fixes?  Particularly
when it comes to production servers?

> Another solution would be to go with a commercial Enterprise Linux
> (RedHat or Suse) offering. However, the annual cost of those is
> prohibitive in some circumstances.

No kidding.  There's one person on the Portland Linux User's Group
mailing list saying he's just has his up-to-date Red Hat server
compromised as many times as the Windows server it's replacing.  That
just has to be exasperating for him!

> The stable Debian release appear to be around for a very long time,
> which is exactly what I am looking for. But my question now is with
> Sarge on the horizon, how long can I expect to see security fixes
> for Woody? One year, two years, five years? What about Sarge?

Not long after the next Stable happens, because it's not hard to
upgrade in Debian.  18 months seems about average, IIRC.
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