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Re: Transport debian woody from laptop to PC

Incoming from Oliver Fuchs:
> I am running a debian woody box for a long time now on my laptop.
> I want to install it now with the (nearly) same configuration on my PC.
> Can I transport the laptop system (for example via tar) to my PC or won't
> this work.

You can make Debian package management do it for you.  On the laptop,
tar up /etc to make a copy of the configuration files, then:

  dpkg --get-selections > laptop.txt

Install the base system on your PC, then:

  dpkg --set-selections < laptop.txt

Then either one of:

  apt-get update
  apt-get dselect-upgrade


  aptitude update
  aptitude install

The archives at lists.debian.org mention this often.  You should think
carefully about this though.  Some apps run on a laptop may not be
appropriate on a PC.  pcmcia, anachron, ...  It shouldn't cause any
real problems you can't work around, however.

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